About Us

About Us

Bungakembang Enterprise CV is a family run company, established late 2008 in Semarang, Indonesia. Led by Mrs Diah Tristiani we supply to trade, a wide range of premium goods, with a focus on local Indonesian supply and production.

Amongst our numerous products we offer many items derived from the indigenous Kapok Tree. Popular items encompass seed oil, fibre and seed meal and we are constantly working to introudce new products to an even larger market.

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Our Mission

Ensuring our customers understand; how highly we value them, the great quality of our products, and our genuine desire to maintain a close working relationship with our clients.

Our Future

Expanding into new territories such as the U.S. and wider Europe, whilst developing greater ties with agricultural industries including feed compounder & fertilizers.

our management team

Powering Bungakembang Enterprise

Diah Tristiani
CEO & Managing Director

Diah is the owner of BungaKembang Enterprise and main contact for many suppliers, as well as leading operations at the company┬┤s Indonesian base where she also oversees the production of BungaKembang┬┤s own line in charcoal briquettes.

Andrini Tristiawati
International Sales Representative

Andrini is based in Germany and acts as the European and International sales executive. She has been successfully building a new client base in Europe and is the first point of contact for sales enquiries.


Our History

Having formed on 1st December 2008, BungaKembang Enterprise CV has continued to grow at a steady and sustainable pace as we approach our 10 year anniversary.

Markets for our products, such as those derived from the indigenous Kapok Tree – including seed oil, fibre & seed meal- are strong in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Over the last 5 years we’ve worked hard to develop new infrastructure & products to enable us to continue to expand into new markets in the United States and Europe.

Likewise we continue to add new products to our range that strengthen our position and delight our trade partners. Hence in 2014, we began production of our hugely popular Shisha & BBQ Coconut Briquettes.


Company Formed

Led by Mrs Diah Tristiani, the company begins supplying to trade a range of premium Indonesian goods.


Global Sales Expansion

The company undertakes a concerted effort to push into new markets across the Globe.


New Product Ranges

Amongst other items Bungakembang begins supply of hugely popular Shisha/BBQ briquettes produced from Coconuts.

As a supplier of high quality, affordable organic products, we are always keen to discuss & develop new export opportunities with select partners.